Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall of Events

I don't know what happened to my last two months, but I do have some photos to prove that I have been busy! This fall has provided some great experiences for me, so I thought that I would share them with you.

Hello Etsy
Etsy graciously hosted a free event for Etsy sellers in several cities around the world. Washington, DC was lucky enough to be chosen as one of those cities. Etsy asked the local team (CREST) to help out, and CREST chose me as one of the featured local artists at the event held in the Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum! It was really great meeting other local artists face-to-face and sharing our experiences.

Autumn Leaf Festival
ALF is an awesome week-long festival in my hometown of Clarion, PA. Every day features a different event, and Friday was the arts and crafts day. This was my very first outdoor event, so I called for some reinforcements (my mom, sister, husband, and cousin Monica from MoniLeesA). It was so much fun seeing old friends and acquaintances while hanging out at my tent!

Falling for Handmade
This was the second annual arts and crafts festival hosted by CREST, the team of Etsy artisans from the DC area. It was great to make some more connections with other local artists and spend the day with my friend Susan from Arts a Blaise!

Next up......
Arts and Crafts Festival at La Grange Winery on Nov. 12th!

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