Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summery Artist: Cassias Garden

Kelly wants you to smell fresh and clean! If only I could make scratch-and-sniff blog posts.....

Tell us a little bit about your shop and how you got started:  
Before settling down, getting married, & raising a beautiful daughter, I had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the Asian and Pacific Rim countries, where the beauty of lush tropical flowers and exotic beaches now inspire my creations.   I love to bring that aspect into my products.   I am an avid gardener and lover of all things luminous, natural, and fragrant.
When we bought the home of my dreams 6 years ago, the main features were the front porch that extends the length of our home (there's even a porch swing there!),  the tropical backyard, and my dream kitchen;  a 16 x 40 that has a 10' ceiling, a beautiful garden window with view to backyard, and about 100' feet of counter top space!  It was perfect for cooking and entertaining, but also making my creations to sell.   I learned how to make beautiful aromatherapy soaps and candles, and spa products for cranky babies and tired mamas.   The obsession began and has continued until today!   I have always had really dry, itchy and irritable skin!  Since making my all natural and luxurious soaps and emollient body products, I can no longer say that dermatitis and eczema are on my list of maladies!   It is so much fun and the possibilities are endless in how you can create beautiful, fragrant soapy creations that are also good for you and the environment! 

How does the ocean/beach inspire you?
This is what I wrote in my descriptions for my Thundering Surf Soap:
Fair "surfer", if you don't know me by now, then you wouldn't have had to listen to me rave about growing up right beside my beloved Pacific Ocean.  Who needs therapy, when you can at any time, day or night, sunset or rise, rain or shine, winter spring fall or summer, walk down 1,000 steps and into a dimension of thundering beauty. The solace, the deep calling unto deep inside my being...the endorphins, the shimmer of sun or moon shining a silver or golden trail that follows my sauntering, sinking footsteps. Oh, the glory.

What is your favorite beach destination? Why?
I have been to beaches all around the world, but still, my favorites are southern California, The Strands Beach, just north of Dana Point Harbor, with the neighboring Salt Creek which has often been mentioned in Surfer Magazine.....and of course Northern California.   They have all the jagged rocks and you could really get hurt surfing there, but the thundering crashing waves is therapy alone.....just travel Highway 101 northbound and pick a beach!  Then check into a tiny bed and breakfast, after sipping a glass of wine....and sleep really really deeply!

Anything else we should know?
Yes!  Wear sunscreen!  Take care of your precious skin!   Drink plenty of water, and eat whole foods the color of the rainbow and walk along a beach!   You'll feel so much better!

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