Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summery Artist: TinfenaStudio

Linda is inspired by the colors of the ocean- check out her drawings!

Tell us a little bit about your shop and how you got started:
My name is Linda Tinfena, I recently started a shop on etsy:, where I sell prints of my drawings and doodles and some originals as well, all inspired by my friends, fashion and films. It features mostly portraits and fashion illustrations in the colors of the sea, the sand, the driftwood...
some of them are drawn or painted on recycled materials such as discarded cardboard, lumbers, envelopes, etc,
and a lot of them have a little story behind them -- a whimsical little description to lighten things up. My shop is a new adventure that is slowly assuming an identity of its own that I enjoy observing, 
because, to me, the most exciting part of the creative process is to find out what I wasn't looking for...

I am also a photographer and I am planning to introduce some beach related items in my shop in the near future (photos blocks, cards, seascapes prints), and of course I often put in new items in my shop, so keep in touch...

How does the ocean/beach inspire you?
I think a love of the sea/ocean is in my blood. I was born on an island in New York, grew up in Marseille in the south of France and live in California most of the time. There are fishermen, merchant marines and a lighthouse keeper in my family from way back when. The sea/ocean inspire me on so many levels from the colors to the light, to the sounds and the air, the lifestyle, everything. I try to translate that carefree but powerful purity of the coastal lifestyle into my artwork.

What is your favorite beach destination? Why?
I am partial to the Calanques in the south of France, because they are more secluded and unspoiled, and of course I love the California Coast with all my heart. Both also have an element of glamour that I like. Somedays I'd love to visit BoraBora...

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  1. Linda sent me two notecards with her artwork on it as a thank you. So sweet!