Friday, July 1, 2011

"Inspire Me" Photo Contest

I want YOU to be involved in my creative process, so I'm creating a special photo contest! This contest is intended to open your eyes so that you might enjoy the beauty around you and to open my eyes to others' visions of beauty. Here are the details:

1. Take pics of everything and anything that you find visually interesting (feel free to use your phone!)
2. "Like" my Facebook page
3. Post your images to my Facebook wall with the caption/comment "Inspire Me"

The contest will end August 1st. Don't worry about lacking professional photography skills; sometimes the oddest images inspire me! 

After August 1st, I will select the image that inspires me the most (for whatever reason) and use it as a reference for my next painting. Will I render it with contour lines or make it completely abstract? Only time will tell!

Once the painting is complete, I will send you a free matted print! You pick the image size: 5x7, 8x10, or 11x14.

So what are you waiting for? Snap away!

*By entering this contest, you are giving Elizabeth Blair-Nussbaum (EBN Art Studio) the right to use your photograph. Specifically, you agree to allow Elizabeth Blair-Nussbaum (EBN Art Studio) to create a painting based on the entered photograph and sell that painting and any other items that reproduce that painting (prints, gifts, accessories, etc.). You will not profit from these items that Elizabeth Blair-Nussbaum (EBN Art Studio) sells using your image. Except as stated above, you retain all rights you may have to your photograph. If you do not feel comfortable with these terms, please do not enter the contest.

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