Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summery Artist: Raes Spirit

This Cali girl likes to incorporate natural elements into her jewelry. Check out her shop!

Tell us a little bit about your shop and how you got started:
     I started collecting beads when our church ladies' guild was making rosaries for the troops. When there wasn't enough beads for a complete rosary, they were made into rosary bracelets and other pieces of jewelry. It can become very addicting and I soon found myself collecting beautiful semi precious gemstones, seashells, antlers, and anything else that I could turn into a piece of jewelry. I am mostly self taught with the help of the internet and books. While talking to a friend about my numerous collections, she suggested that I look into Etsy as an outlet. This has been a wonderful spiritual journey for me. You can read more about what inspires me in my Etsy profile.

How does the ocean/beach inspire you? 
     I'm inspired by how the ocean awakens all of your senses: The nautical sights and colorful sunsets & sunrises where the horizon seems to go on forever; sounds of the waves crashing in and softly trickling out, the chirping of the seagulls and other wildlife sounds; the the taste of the salty air; the warmth of the sun, the cold ocean water and the feel of the sand on your bare feet; the smell of the surf fish as the fishermen pull in their nets.

What is your favorite beach destination? Why?
     I like to go to Fort Bragg and the surrounding towns. My family grew up a couple of hours away from there. Going to the ocean with Mom's and my cousins delicious picnics was always a favorite thing to do. The men would put their nets in the breaking waves and bring in nets full of surf fish. They would let us take a couple of dips and laugh at our feeble attempts! And of course, getting their limits of abalone was always thrilling. A delicious meal was coming and the beautiful abalone shells became yard decorations, candle holders and planters. While the men fished, the women and children would check out the tide pools, search for driftwood, seashells, ocean polished glass and other treasures that washed up on the shore.
     Life changed a bit while raising my children, but we still made a few trips to the ocean. Now that we are being blessed with grandchildren, I am looking forward to more trips to this awe inspiring destination!

Anything else we should know?
     I have bags of seashells and numerous ideas just waiting to be created!

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  1. Wonderful description and beautiful items.