Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summery Artist: Jammy Designs

This mother-daughter team makes the most adorable baby booties!! Check out their shop!

Tell us a little bit about your shop and how you got started:
Jammy Designs sells hand-knitted and hand-crocheted items - at the moment this is mainly baby clothing, and womens clothing and accessories, although we are currently working on expanding our product range!
We are Sandra and Kerrie, a mother and daughter team and over the last 30-something years my mum Sandra has created allsorts for our home, from knitted Christmas stockings to machine-sewn curtains. In 2008, after a few changes in her working situation, my mum started knitting and crocheting to sell in local shops. In 2010 I also started knitting more seriously. In 2011 we started going to local craft markets and in May we launched our Etsy shop!

How does the ocean/beach inspire you?
Nature gives us so many colour combinations, whether it's in flowers or landscapes, and the yellow and blue of the seaside is a perfect example of this. My mum and I both love to use nature as inspiration for the colours in our work, and in our "seaside" themed pieces this normally translates into bright ocean blues and pale sandy yellows.

What is your favorite beach destination? Why?
My family has been going on holidays and trips to the beach all of my life, and since the 1950s when my mum was little! Some of my favourite childhood memories are of being on the warm sand, or paddling in the freezing cold Scottish sea! My favourite beach destination is East Lothian in Scotland, because it has so many happy memories for me and my family and because it is such a relaxing place to get back to nature and be creative.

Anything else I should know?
We are a small family-run business and it would be so wonderful to be featured in your blog! We are still waiting for online sales and this is probably partly because we are more used to talking to people face-to-face, but we put so much love and energy into all of our products and into expanding our product range, and we hope this comes across in our shop!

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